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We are Correspondents of the World, an online platform where people from all over the world share their personal stories in relation to global development. People of all ages and genders, people with different social and religious backgrounds and people with all kinds of political opinions. Regular, exceptional people like You and me.

In other words: Correspondents of the World takes a look at global issues through local eyes.

Our vision is to contribute to a better understanding of each other in a world that is ever more globalising (geographically as well as economically) but often seems to neglect to really bring people closer to each other as well. We don't always fully understand each other, often because we lack some insights into each others' backgrounds.

Our aim is to change that through Your story.

Gay men almost enjoy the same legal rights as heterosexuals and therefore are formally accepted. However, my personal experience has taught me that social acceptance of homosexuality is often dependent on numerous conditions.

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We had wildfire evacuation warnings when I was a child, but the threat is now so severe that we packed bags with whichever mementos and essential items we could fit in our car, to prepare to flee if conditions worsened.

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There were 9 of us, a group of white, North American and European 18- and 19-year-olds. But once we stepped into the clinic, there was an automatic assumption that we were more capable than the doctors. I knew why I was receiving this treatment: my white skin and American accent.

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In my upcoming series of stories, I will share my take on the most pressing issues and the ideas we use to tackle them, filtered through the triplethink lens of the Puerto Rican limbo in times of COVID and civil unrest.

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When your family is blended with cultures and countries it can seem hard to find a place to fit in.

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It was interiorized lesbophobia, or having negative feelings about lesbianism while being a lesbian. As if the mainstream gaze was inserted as a judgment inside me.

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When I left Hong Kong for graduate school in the US, I was never homesick. Home was just one flight away, the same as ever. That is, until home got sick.

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Your Correspondents of the World Team
Joost, Mira, Ingvild, Tuğçe and Janosch

Focus: Corona and COVID-19

When I was diagnosed with chicken pox, all I wanted was to be home with my family, 1300 kilometers away.

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Everybody tries to help according to their own ability. The opinions and methods diverge, but I believe that deep down, our common interest is the well-being for all.

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I suddenly find myself going on strolls through the park with friends, doing board games at home, or talking to my neighbours almost every morning from our balconies. It’s a weird situation. But thankfully for me, not necessarily a bad situation.

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