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We collect and share personal stories from all over the world.

We believe that the different perspectives of these stories will help us to better understand each other and the many different ways in which we are facing today's global issues.

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Discussions about the environment often center on grim, impersonal figures. It is easy to forget that all of these statistics directly affect us - in very different ways. Explore how our correspondents all over the globe perceive their environment and the climate emergency.

Gender and Sexuality

Gender and sexuality are strongly tied to an assumption of what is "normal." People who do not meet these expectations often are the target of stigma, exclusion or violence. We hope that the stories of our correspondents help us to question outdated concepts and champion true inclusivity.


Our correspondents write about migration because it is a deeply personal topic that often only is discussed on a global level. Individual people then quickly become foreigners, refugees, statistics - a "they". By sharing personal stories about migration, we hope to put into focus the millions of different reasons for and experiences with migration.


We want to support the demand for justice and equality by spotlighting the personal stories of people who seek liberation in all its different forms. We hope our correspondents' personal stories will encourage others to get involved or to double down in their own struggle against inequality and oppression.


We believe that education - formal and informal - has a huge impact on how we see the world. Our correspondents share their personal experiences with issues around education so we can better understand the complexity of this topic and get a better idea of ingrained perspectives.

Coronavirus Pandemic

The worldwide spread of a highly contagious virus is something that affects all of us in very different ways. To get a better idea of the wide range of consequences it has on the everyday life of people all over the globe, we share our correspondents' personal experiences.

Growing Fast

Although we started just over a year ago, Correspondents of the World has a quickly growing community of correspondents - and a dedicated team of editors, translators and country managers.









News, Activities and Upcoming Events

Tea Talk: What’s happening in Iran? on October 1

Many of us have seen reports on the protests in Iran. Few of us have actually been able to talk to Iranians about them. In this Tea Talk we'll hear about personal experiences from inside and outside the country and have a chance to ask questions.*
Date: October 1, 5-6PM CET on Google Meets.
Registration is free but mandatory. Register here. *We hope our friends from inside Iran will be able to join despite the current internet restrictions in Iran.

Documentary: On Hong Kong Heels

We are collaborating with filmmakers Carlos, Elias and Zhihao, who are working on a short documentary about drag queens in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a relatively conservative society, in which understanding for the drag scene is very limited - often due to a lack of understanding of the people behind the stigma. Stay tuned to learn more about this project.

Funding from Dutch charity Haella

We are excited to have received our first funding from Dutch charity Haella. With their support we now have the means of starting a range of new projects - including our very own podcast. We're really grateful for the recognition!

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At Correspondents of the World there are many ways for you to get involved: become a correspondent and share your own story; join the next Tea Talk; participate in community events; join the team as an editor, translator or ambassador; collaborate with us on projects and events... You get the idea. Please reach out to Ingvild if any or all of those sound interesting to you!

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Every story we share is another perspective on a complex topic like migration, gender and sexuality or liberation. We believe that these personal stories are important to better understand what's going on in our globalised society - and to better understand each other. That's because we are convinced that the more we understand about each other, the easier it will be for us to really talk to one another, to get closer - and to maybe find solutions for the issues that affect us all. 

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Correspondents of the World is as much a community as an online platform. Please feel free to contact us for whatever reason!

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