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When I left Hong Kong for graduate school in the US, I was never homesick. Home was just one flight away, the same as ever. That is, until home got sick.

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Stories about Liberation from all over the World

There were 9 of us, a group of white, North American and European 18- and 19-year-olds. But once we stepped into the clinic, there was an automatic assumption that we were more capable than the doctors. I knew why I was receiving this treatment: my white skin and American accent.

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As a black woman here in the Netherlands, I may not be murdered for the colour of my skin, but that does not mean that racism doesn't exist in the Netherlands.

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To live between Dictatorship and Democracy means to fight for a better future.

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Why we collect Liberation stories

Our Correspondents write about Liberation to share their experience in creating equality, and end inequality and oppression worldwide. Liberation touches upon many parts of our lives, such as through the Black Lives Movement in the Netherlands (see Naomi Beijer’s story) and protests for democracy in Chile (see Yess’s story). We want to support the demand for justice by spotlighting the personal stories from people who seek Liberation in all its forms.


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