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Anti-refugee politics is on the rise all over the world, but we can counter this trend by daring to ask questions and get to know those who are being spoken about.

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Stories about Migration from all over the World

In my upcoming series of stories, I will share my take on the most pressing issues and the ideas we use to tackle them, filtered through the triplethink lens of the Puerto Rican limbo in times of COVID and civil unrest.

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When your family is blended with cultures and countries it can seem hard to find a place to fit in.

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Well, certainly, these were not ordinary Mexicans, nor even normal global tourists. They disregarded normalized ideas about not traveling to Syria not once, but twice, and the second time brought their whole family!

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My parents enlightened me how Zakaria's family had suffered from the war in Afghanistan and how he was a guest and in fact needed more attention from us.

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Despite the conflicts that two migrations within four generations have caused, for me personally the advantages of being bicultural outweighs the disadvantages.

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Beyond my beautiful childhood memories, I went to Syria as an adult to exercise my Right to Freedom of Movement.

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The main reason why I have made the shift from Brazil to Germany is freedom. Especially the freedom of movement- walking on the streets safely. But it is not that I have lost touch with my home country, rather the opposite. It determines me very much and allows me to bring the positive aspects of Brazil to my everyday life, wherever that is (at the moment to Wuppertal).

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To be an immigrant in Chile means that you migrate all day, every day.

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It has to be remembered that through all these moving places, I stayed the same person, I had my Austrian passport, I was half Austrian and half Indonesian: yet in Indonesia, I may have been an expat, in England an immigrant, in Korea - a constant struggle to become somewhat included. It is clear that the power as to who I am is not in my hands.

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Why we collect Migration stories

Our Correspondents write about Migration, because it is a deeply personal topic that is often dehumanized. Children, fathers and mothers become ‘refugee flows’. People from other countries too quickly become a ‘Them’ as opposed to ‘Us’. But: people like you and me have always been migrating, and we always will. Whether this is from Colombia to Chile (see Juan Pérez Jerez's story), from Bulgaria to Syria to teach English (see Kamelia Khalil's story) or whether you engage with people who have migrated from your own country in Norway (see Lene Mortensen's story).

By sharing their personal stories, we hope to re-humanize the topic of Migration.

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