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It was interiorized lesbophobia, or having negative feelings about lesbianism while being a lesbian. As if the mainstream gaze was inserted as a judgment inside me.

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I was shocked as I realized that authorities in Mexico would have never worried about my friends the way the Korean government now did.

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In my art, I expose the underlying tensions between concepts, identity and experiences. I want to challenge the audience and confront them with their taught beliefs, which they themselves have not even reflected on yet. Just as my reality and image of women is a rather powerful strong one (empoderamente), rather than the helpless, “petite” images we are trained to perceive as feminine.

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Retrospectively, it comes as no surprise. Everything around me gave me the impression that there was only one sexuality within society. From tv shows I watched to books I read, couples and families I knew, conversations with my friends, and things that we were taught in school.

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You may wonder what is it like to be a woman who lives in a country that lacks security?

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Gay men almost enjoy the same legal rights as heterosexuals and therefore are formally accepted. However, my personal experience has taught me that social acceptance of homosexuality is often dependent on numerous conditions.

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With so much recent acceptance of the idea of sexuality being a spectrum, the fact bisexual men even feel the need to defend our very existence seems very quaint in 2020.

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If I had one wish, it would be for girls to be free, free to choose what they want to become, not to be dominated by men. Women to have their own voice without being ashamed of what society might think. Our place is not just in the kitchen or to have babies, we have our own lives. I wished for everyone to have the same rights.

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In the moment you face discrimination, harassment, and assault based on your breasts and the vulnerability of your vagina, it's your body they are after.

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Why we collect Gender stories

Our Correspondents write about Gender because it is a global phenomenon that everybody navigates. It is also a global challenge. Gender is the assumption of what is "supposed to be" and its correlating performances. It is the creation of identities and unmet expectations of what is "normal" that causes violence world-wide in the micro- and macro-perspective. And just as knowledge is never static and ever-growing, it is the perspectives of our Correspondents that help us understand the link between the individual experience and global developments, as well as to disentangle the concepts that have been created and reinforced for centuries.

The Gender section will give insight into the interrelations between culture, identity, violence, and other structural factors in the labor market (read Hal Fulcher’s story), in art (read Milton Camilo’s story) and elsewhere. We hope the personal stories of our Correspondents will help You better understand the complexities of gender.

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