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My experience and knowledge, and the experiences of all minorities, matter, even when those perspectives feel insignificant because of all the extra effort to make people understand.

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Stories about Environment from all over the World

We had wildfire evacuation warnings when I was a child, but the threat is now so severe that we packed bags with whichever mementos and essential items we could fit in our car, to prepare to flee if conditions worsened.

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If no concrete action is taken soon, the capital of the Pearl of Africa will become almost inhabitable in a few decades from now.

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At my home we do not only see recycling as a necessity for our society, also as an opportunity and a way to survive, but way of subsisting that in countries like Colombia, it is still precarious and little understood by a particularly classist society like ours, where the primary link of the productive chain, the recycler or waste collector represents for many a symbol of poverty.

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Time is ticking, and we must do anything in our hands to save water, the very source of life.

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Why we collect Environment stories

Our Correspondents write about the environment because it is the space we inhabit, the air we breathe, the systems we interact with every day. Environmental changes are the number one human rights issue of our time. Yet, discussions about the environment often center on grim, depersonalized figures: atmospheric CO2 levels have increased to 415 parts per million, 300 million people will lose their homes to rising seas by 2050, over 41,000 species are endangered. Among the numbers and warnings, it is easy to forget that humans are an integral part of the ecosystem.

Our stories remind us that we are all connected: water gives us life (read Mani Nouri); air pollution is in our lungs (read Anna Adima); systems of production and consumption and waste enrich some and impoverish others (read J.M.D. Rodriguez). The environment is the whole world and environmental transformations impact every living being, but each person’s individual experience of the environment is different. In order to understand the immensity of the environment and global climate change, we need these personal stories. 

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