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Javier A. Román-Nieves

Javier A. Román-Nieves

Puerto Rican currently based in New Haven, Connecticut.

Javier A. Román Nieves is an artist, writer and natural resource manager. He obtained a first master’s degree in architecture from the University of Puerto Rico in 2004, and a second one from the Yale School of the Environment in 2019. Javier combines skills from the human dimensions of environmental management, ecosystem conservation and GIS mapping into a unique practice located between land management and environmental communications. He likes to photograph birds and stars, and thrives at the intersection of humans and nature.

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Stories from Javier A. Román-Nieves

In my upcoming series of stories, I will share my take on the most pressing issues and the ideas we use to tackle them, filtered through the triplethink lens of the Puerto Rican limbo in times of COVID and civil unrest.

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