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Pabita Timilshina

Pabita Timilshina

Hello, it is me Pabita Timilshina!

I am from Nepal, the beautiful city of Pokhara. I am 30 years old and I did my diploma of nursing from Kathmandu, where I started to work in a hospital as an emergency nurse. Soon I shifted into business because I have encountered many things that were so disturbing to me, like girls getting abused openly without any consequences. I realized I wanted to do something for them, using my previous knowledge and experiences. I have set up the program Sahayatra Health Awareness Programme, which a social initiative for promoting monthly hygiene habits amongst young ladies and women, as well as addressing topics like gender inequality, sexual abuse, and mental health. 

Stories from Pabita Timilshina

If I had one wish, it would be for girls to be free, free to choose what they want to become, not to be dominated by men. Women to have their own voice without being ashamed of what society might think. Our place is not just in the kitchen or to have babies, we have our own lives. I wished for everyone to have the same rights.

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