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Andy Lee

Andy Lee

Hi there, I’m Andy, a 28-year old Hongkonger who loves nature, playing music, travelling, memes, and cats—their existence alone sparks joy. There are a lot of things I love about being a wildlife conservationist: my office is out in the sea, savannah, and rainforest; my coworkers include dolphins, snow leopards, elephants, and cheetahs; and I get to meet many passionate and inspiring friends and colleagues who are dedicated to saving the environment. I completed my graduate studies in the US, and I am now a conservation scientist in Washington, DC focusing on conservation technologies and climate change research. Being abroad has exposed me to many great new experiences personally and professionally, but Hong Kong is and will always be my home.

Stories from Andy Lee

When I left Hong Kong for graduate school in the US, I was never homesick. Home was just one flight away, the same as ever. That is, until home got sick.

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