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Veronica Burgstaller

What should a person include in a short biography of oneself? Their achievements in life? Their identity, their passions, their interests? Or their future ambitions? But what if their life has been a continuous flux from one place to another, thus their identity unclear. What if their ambitions are still formative, and their interests every changing? Though if I really had to describe myself in a few words, then for now I am: 

A 27-years old Austrian, Balinese, European, translator, freelancer, student, and traveler, who is currently living in Seoul (and already the past three years). My passions are (and those will stay with me!!): Food, Taekwondo, and traveling.

Stories from Veronica Burgstaller

South Korean wear masks because of the high-pollution levels, when they have a cold, or for the simple vain reason to hide their swollen faces after a beauty surgery. Then one day came the news of a novel virus breaking out in Wuhan, China. The unexpected seriousness of this virus only hit me, when I looked for a mask but none could be found.

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It has to be remembered that through all these moving places, I stayed the same person, I had my Austrian passport, I was half Austrian and half Indonesian: yet in Indonesia, I may have been an expat, in England an immigrant, in Korea - a constant struggle to become somewhat included. It is clear that the power as to who I am is not in my hands.

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