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Australia, Oceania

Story by Hal Fulcher. Translated by Lina Bell
Published on April 18, 2022.

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身为一个双性恋青少年是很挣扎的事。我13岁的时候,第一次了解到“双性恋”这个概念,当时我在心里悄悄喊了一声“啊哈!”,之后我立刻粗暴地否定自己和这个概念有任何关系。我在心里接着说,“我应该是喜欢数学课上的克莉斯丁,所以我是直男。” 我不愿让自己想到那个我也很中意的男生。



这种在异性恋和同性恋群体中都找不到归属的不确定感也许能够部分解释2018年美国进步中心的一份报告,报告中的数据显示,双性恋人群的各种社会关系和健康指数都要比同性恋或者异性恋差一些。例如,同性恋男性生活贫困的可能比异性恋男性高两倍,而双性恋男性在这方面的概率比同性恋男性还要再高两倍。看到这个数据,我心里感到很害怕。双性恋群体在LGBT群体中的占比是最高的:52%(数据来自2016年的美国社会运动进展计划 [1])。但是我们似乎也是最没有存在感的,没有双性恋酒吧,没有双性恋支持小组。这是一种显而易见的缺位。

最糟糕的是,有人相信双性恋群体是不存在的。最近,2月24号,推特上有一个全球热门话题: #BisexualMenExist(意为双性恋男性是存在的)。在这个话题里,我们需要不断反驳一个长期存在的很离谱的偏见:双性恋男性是小说里编出来的,是想象出来的,是生活在纳尼亚世界里的生物。






[1] The Movement Advancement Project

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Hal Fulcher

Hal Fulcher

Hal Fulcher accidentally shoplifted this scarf moments before this photo was taken. Upon realizing his mistake, he was too embarrassed to reenter the shop and instead enjoyed its warmth for several weeks before losing it at a cafe in Venice. He is 30-years-old, studied a Master in International Studies on Media, Power, and Difference at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and is currently enjoying the Manchester music scene. 

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At Correspondents of the World, we want to contribute to a better understanding of one another in a world that seems to get smaller by the day - but somehow neglects to bring people closer together as well. We think that one of the most frequent reasons for misunderstanding and unnecessarily heated debates is that we don't really understand how each of us is affected differently by global issues.

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At Correspondents of the World, we want to contribute to a better understanding of one another in a world that seems to get smaller by the day - but somehow neglects to bring people closer together as well. We think that one of the most frequent reasons for misunderstanding and unnecessarily heated debates is that we don't really understand how each of us is affected differently by global issues.

Our aim is to change that with every personal story we share.

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