Germany, Western Europe

Story by Luca Kraus. Translated by Lina Bell
Published on September 18, 2022.

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Content Warning: This story contains mentions of homophobia that can be upsetting for some readers. 






在德国,政界已经讨论了好几年是否要将LGTBQ+相关内容引入课本中。很多人担心太早接触到这类知识会对德国的孩子产生不好的影响。他们是被严重误导了。LGTBQ+青少年相较于他们的顺直性别同龄人来讲,通常要面临更多的不公平,他们可能会活在持续的自我怀疑中,也面临着更多令人痛苦的霸凌现象,而这一切仅仅是因为他们与众不同。“Coming Out Day e.V.”[2],的数据显示,同性恋青少年正面临着残酷的现实:他们的试图自杀率比异性恋青年高出四倍。



[1] LGTBQIA+: 一个缩写,用来指代女同性恋者、男同性恋者、跨性别者、双性恋者、疑性恋者、双性者、支持LGTBQIA+的异性恋者、和无性恋者,以及没有被上述概念包含进去的所有性少数群体。

[2] 一个旨在促进人们认识到同性恋青少年正面临的各种问题的德国组织,Coming-out-day.de (2020), “Lesbische und schwule Jugendliche haben eine vier- bis siebenmal höhere Suizidrate”, 可访问网址: http://www.coming-out-day.de/informationen/fakten.html

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Luca Kraus

Luca Kraus

I’m Luca, in my Mid-20s, and for that reason obviously always thinking about “What if...I would just move to New Zealand or Bolivia and do..things”. I recently finished my studies in International Management and started a job at a startup in Berlin. When I’m not contemplating life, I love to hang out with friends, read a good book, complain about the weather (In Germany we like to think it to be either too cold or too warm), and search for words that only exist in one specific language (my favorite one of all time is the German “Weltschmerz”, followed by the Portuguese “saudade”). Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write about a topic that has been and will always be very important to me! 

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At Correspondents of the World, we want to contribute to a better understanding of one another in a world that seems to get smaller by the day - but somehow neglects to bring people closer together as well. We think that one of the most frequent reasons for misunderstanding and unnecessarily heated debates is that we don't really understand how each of us is affected differently by global issues.

Our aim is to change that with every personal story we share.

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At Correspondents of the World, we want to contribute to a better understanding of one another in a world that seems to get smaller by the day - but somehow neglects to bring people closer together as well. We think that one of the most frequent reasons for misunderstanding and unnecessarily heated debates is that we don't really understand how each of us is affected differently by global issues.

Our aim is to change that with every personal story we share.

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